Biochemical Warfare

This segment of Melanie Pullen’s series Violent Times is titled The Biochemical Warfare Series. To create this portion of Violent Times, Pullen worked with a high-security laboratory to take microscopic photographs of deadly warfare agents such as: Anthrax. In this chapter, Melanie takes one on a journey into the abstract realm of this ghostly danger. By using obsolete film stocks, Pullen’s goal was to morph these microscopic worlds into surreal realities. She found that while shooting these microscopic agents, they took on a mystical world all of their own; becoming a strange and hypnotic element in the series. Finally she asks the viewer to explore the future of war.


Melanie Pullen’s photographic series Violent Times (2005-2009), is comprised of 95 large-scale lightboxes and photographic prints. In this series, Pullen explores the history of violence, the depiction of war beginning with the fantasy and glamour of historic painting, progressing toward the reality conveyed in modern journalism.