2018 Flaunt Magazine, " The Art Issue",  The Cover Art and Artist is Melanie Pullen

2018 Flaunt Magazine, "The Art Issue", The Cover Art and Artist is Melanie Pullen



Flaunt Magazine, The Cover Image and Feature Story, The Art Issue 2018,  Cover Story written by Sid Feddeman 


Esquire Magazine,  Cover and Feature Story, "High Fashion Crime Scenes" 14 Page Autobiography, Melanie Pullen


Vogue Italia, "The Interview", Hannah Felig


The Independent on Sunday Review, Feature Story "To Die For" Pages 8-13, UK, Luke Crissell


The New York times Magazine, Feature Story, “Fashion Victims” Pages 91-92, Nancy Macdonell Smith


Fortune Magazine, Feature Story, "Fine Art Flourishes" Jason Tanz


ELLE Magazine, “Death Becomes Her” Jenny Feldman  


Artreview, “Ladies of Fashion and Story” Robert Enright


Artweek, Feature Story, Charlene Roth, Pages 22-23 (Issue #7)


Flaunt Magazine, Feature Story, "The Black Market, Pullen's Secret Photos of Mexico City" Matthew Badard


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San Francisco Chronicle, Feature Story, "Style Matters", San Francisco Chronicle 


Beaux Arts Magazine, Feature Story, "Los Angeles, Francoise-Aline Blain, Paris, France


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Vogue, Feature Story, Nancy Macdonell Smith


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B Magazine, Feature Story "Still Life, Pages 94-101, Emanuele Cucuzza


1814 Magazine, Feature Story "Women and Crime" Jocelyn Meinster


1814 Magazine, Feature Story "Soda Pop Boys!" Autobiography Melanie Pullen 


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(WWD) Women’s Wear Daily, “Fashion Victims,” Victoria Thomas


Nylon, Feature Story, "To Die For" Luke Crisell





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